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Felix And Monica | The Ultimate Skybox Wedding

Every wedding is a delightful affair. It’s a moment filled with love, happiness, and emotions that leave us in awe. And being a part of something so intimate and meaningful is truly a privilege. Felix and Monica’s The Ultimate Skybox wedding was an absolute dream to capture. Their outdoor wedding ceremony was set against the city skyline backdrop and was a sight to behold. Every detail was meticulously planned, from the stunning floral arrangements to the exquisite food. It was a truly enchanting and romantic atmosphere that set the stage for a celebration of love that was full of emotions. 

Felix And Monica’s The Ultimate Skybox Wedding

Monica was the epitome of calm and collected, radiating grace as her bridesmaids helped her get ready for the big day. Her infectious smile lit up the room and was the highlight of the day. Her personality was so awesome, and she was such a fun and quirky bride to work with! Meanwhile, Felix looked dapper in his bow tie and boutonnière, exuding confidence and sophistication. 

As we watched the couple approach their chosen spot for their first look, we couldn’t help but feel the romance in the air. It was a beautiful setting tucked beside the docks, overlooking the stunning San Diego Bay and Skyline. This location was especially meaningful to them as they met at the maritime academy and wanted to honor their love story by being by the water for this special moment. Felix had the widest smile as he turned around to see his lovely bride. He wanted the day to be everything Monica wanted; it was really sweet of him. The love between them was evident in every frame, and it’s moments like these remind us why we love being wedding photographers. 

Held on The Ultimate Skybox rooftop, Felix and Monica’s wedding ceremony was simply stunning! The venue had wooden chairs for guests, and their wedding altar was adorned with beautiful white flowers. The natural lighting was spot on, allowing us to capture vibrant and colorful pictures of the couple and their guests. But what (or rather who) really stole the show was their paw-dorable dog Juno, who served as the ring bearer! Their fur baby was a great addition to the wedding party and stole everyone’s hearts (including ours!). And that cute little floral collar was just *chef’s kiss*. 

After exchanging heartfelt vows and sweet kisses, Felix and Monica took their first steps as husband and wife. We quickly whisked away the newlyweds and their wedding party (and Juno) for some couples and group portraits. We had a blast capturing their photos, and before we knew it, it was time to start the party!

The speeches at Felix and Monica’s wedding reception had us all in stitches. Also, they had tacos on the menu, and they were absolutely delicious! Felix owned the dancefloor, and even the DJ hyped him up more than three times for his stellar dance moves! Monica and Felix are a match made in heaven, and their playful energy made for some truly stunning and unforgettable photographs.

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Felix and Monica, you guys are so fun, and we enjoyed seeing your love shining bright. You both are made for each other! Hats off for planning such a gorgeous wedding, and thank you for choosing us to photograph all your precious moments. Congratulations on tying the knot, and we can’t wait to see you two again! 

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Lead Photographer: Laura Bray

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