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Samantha And Sundar | Alila Marea Beach Resort Wedding

As wedding photographers, we constantly seek to capture moments that will tug at our heartstrings and leave us spellbound. Not too long ago, we were privileged to photograph Samantha and Sundar’s Alila Marea Beach Resort wedding. The mesmerizing views of the beach and calming ocean waters, combined with the couple’s pure love for each other, created a magical atmosphere. We felt truly honored to capture every moment of their special day, which was filled with meaningful traditions and joyful festivities.

Beginning Of A Forever

Samantha and Sundar’s love story started when they were working as summer camp counselors at a daytime sports camp together. And this summer camp was also where their friendship blossomed into something much more. They ran together in the Carlsbad Half Marathon, where Sundar planned the most epic proposal! After just 2 miles, he pretended his knee was hurting and got down on one knee to pop the question! Samantha said yes, and they even finished the race together! We can only imagine the adrenaline rush they must have felt at that moment.

Samantha And Sundar’s Alila Marea Beach Resort Wedding

We started the day documenting Samantha and Sundar’s getting ready with their loved ones. Samantha looked breathtaking in her wedding dress, while Sundar looked dapper in his military pilot outfit. The bride’s look was complemented by the most beautiful and vibrant bouquet, which was bursting with colors. The couple had a quick first look and were such a breeze to work with as we took their pictures. Their love shined through in every frame, and we could tell how excited they were to get married. 

Samantha and Sundar’s Alila Marea Beach Resort wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale. We watched the stunning vista before us in awe – a serene beach with waves crashing ashore, a beautiful sky, and a colorful array of wedding decorations everywhere. Sundar’s sister officiated the ceremony and did a killer job making moments funny and light but also extremely meaningful and rich. 

Photographing the couple exchanging vows while holding hands and gazing lovingly at each other was heartwarming – every hug, laugh, and tear made for amazing photographs. Post-ceremony, the Sword Arch at the end of the aisle elevated things further and made for some fantastic wedding photos.

It was wonderful exploring the beautiful Alila Marea Beach Resort for Samantha and Sundar’s couples portraits. Some of our favorite photos are the ones of the couple posing with the beach in the backdrop. Their expressions say it all! We have to give a special shout-out to Samantha for being such a trooper. Despite the challenging spot, she took off her shoes and posed flawlessly on the pebbles, which resulted in some of the most stunning images.

Samantha and Sundar’s reception was an enchanting celebration that left a lasting impression. The ambiance was breathtaking, with soft pastel floral arrangements on every table. The highlight of the night was the spectacular first dance by the newlyweds! And let’s not forget the show-stopping finale – we cheered in amazement as Samantha and Sundar sliced their cake with a marine sword. It was a night that celebrated love, joy, and unforgettable memories.

Celebrate Love With The Copper Collective 

Samantha and Sundar, thank you for choosing us to photograph your big day. It was a wonderful day, and we feel honored to have captured all its special memories in everlasting photos. Congratulations, once again, and we hope to see you again. Cheers! 

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Shooter Love

Lead Photographer: Jessica Van 

Featured California Wedding Vendors

  1. Venue: Alila Marea Beach Resort 
  2. Coordinator: I Do Weddings and Events 
  3. Florist: Organic Elements
  4. Hair & Makeup Artist: Refined Beauty Inc 
  5. Cake: VG Donut & Bakery

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