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Hares & Amanda | Casa Romantica Cultural Center And Gardens Wedding

Love is magical, and weddings perfectly manifest this feeling. It’s the celebration of a new journey, a union, and a promise of a lifetime together. We’ve been blessed to witness so many celebrations, but none quite like Hares and Amanda’s Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens wedding in San Clemente, California. Every moment was brimming with love – the heartwarming first look, the touching vows they exchanged, and the epic entertainment that rocked their reception. It was a day that celebrated pure love and cherished cultural traditions in such a memorable way.

Hares & Amanda’s Casa Romantica Cultural Center And Gardens Wedding

When photographing weddings, there’s nothing quite like catching those intimate getting ready moments. Amanda looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and had the most radiant smile as she slipped into her high heels to get ready to marry the love of her life. Meanwhile, Hares looked suave as he got into his wedding day attire and prepared to say “I do”.

Before the ceremony, Amanda and Hares had a private and intimate first look. As Hares turned around to see his beautiful bride for the first time, his expression was one of pure awe and amazement. Amanda got a bit teary-eyed, and it was clear that their love for each other ran deep. Their photos truly capture the beauty and emotion of this special moment and serve as a beautiful reminder of the lovely bond they share.

Hares and Amanda tied the knot at the picturesque Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, surrounded by the dazzling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Each corner of the venue offered a picture-perfect backdrop for those colorful and vibrant wedding photos we love capturing. Their wedding decor was an excellent match to the natural beauty surrounding them, and everything came together so seamlessly. Sealing their marriage with a kiss, Hares and Amanda walked down the aisle hand in hand as husband and wife. 

After their ceremony, it was time to pop some bubbly and celebrate! Hares and Amanda’s wedding reception was nothing short of magical, with touches of Afghan traditions that made it all the more unique. The Mirror ceremony, where they both saw themselves as a married couple for the first time, was wonderful, while the Quran reading added a spiritual touch to their big day. 

During the golden hour, we captured the couple’s love in the finest light. It was such a heartwarming sight to see the newlyweds enjoying soaking in the moment together, hand in hand, with the stunning backdrops of the venue and the serene ocean. A moment of serenity in which they could just be in their own little world together. 

When the Attan dance began, we were swept away by the energy and beauty of this traditional Afghan dance. We felt truly honored to witness and document such a vibrant display of culture and love. As the night went on, we watched with hearts full of love as Hares and Amanda danced the night away, surrounded by the ones they cherished most.

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Hares and Amanda, thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographers. It was an amazing day and we loved documenting every second of it. We feel truly privileged to have been part of your beautiful love story and wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations, once again!

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Lead Photographer: Jessica Van

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