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Ideas on Printing Your Wedding Photos | San Diego Wedding Photographers

Now that you have your wedding photos, what do you do with them?!

After opening your wedding gallery with all your pictures, we recommend making sure all of them are securely backed up! Make sure to put them on an external hard drive and put them in a safe place. But now that the backups are taken care of, what do you do with your gorgeous wedding photos now?


Our top three favorite ways to show off your wedding pictures:


Gallery Wall

Who here is creative and wants to make something unique?! If you are shouting “that’s me!” at your computer, you may want to try out a gallery wall! You can include large prints of your first kiss photo, a few detail shots, and even add in extra special art of other types! Fill up an entire wall, or have a¬†statement collection above a bed, fireplace or in an entry way!¬†Here are some of our favorite gallery wall inspirations from Pinterest-





Our albums are our favorite photography product, hands down. They are high quality, thick, unbendable pages, and totally timeless. When we sell albums, we have an extremely high standard we refuse to compromise. We believe that albums are heirloom books to pass down for generations! Picturing our clients as grandparents, showing off their trendy wedding to their grandkids while huddled around a coffee table makes our hearts so full. The joy that your wedding day brings to your family is priceless, and we believe in displaying it in the best way possible! Because our wedding albums are luxury items, we offer payment plans so that ANYONE can have a stunning piece of art delivered on their anniversary!





Thank You Cards

Thank you cards to your guests may seem like a tedious task, but there are ways to make it way more fun! If you dread writing out 300 notes to friends and family (I mean, come on, that’s a lot of writing!), consider this option! Personalize your cards with a few of your favorite wedding photos and write a heartfelt message on the back. This helps the guests relive your wedding day by seeing some of your beautiful images, as well as shows that you are grateful! Print them in postcard size, and you’re done! Plus, you can always write something special for a few of your closer friends/family!


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