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4 Tips for the Best Wedding Timeline | San Diego Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers guide to building a timeline

Making your wedding timeline can come with a load of stress. After all, you’ve probably never done this before! As wedding photographers, we feel like we’ve planned hundreds of weddings! It’s actually something we really enjoy. Making a great timeline for a wedding day sets you up for a successful, stress free day! We love partnering with coordinators and setting everyone up for the best, dreamiest event ever! 



So, how can we make this happen?!

Make time for special moments. 

It’s important to remember this is YOUR wedding day. If you have a special person you want to share a “first look” with, make it happen! Even if it’s unconventional, these are the moments you will remember for the rest of your life. You will look back and be so happy you took the time to cherish those closest to you! So when in doubt, make time for the extra dances, gifts, letters, prayers and traditions!


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A little buffer never hurt.

What’s the worst thing that can go wrong? Traffic, a late bridesmaid, power goes out, rain, wind, the list goes on. While most of the time everything goes smoothly, that’s usually because there was a buffer to account for these unexpected things! Add in an extra half hour for hair and makeup, give your florist extra time to set up, and tell your photographer to be there earlier than planned! You won’t regret paying a little extra to have peace of mind.


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Listen to the professionals.

In the most humble way possible, we are putting ourselves in that category. Like we said before, as wedding professionals, we’ve been through this a time or two! We’ve seen a good timeline, and even more bad ones! Wanna know who knows even more than we do? The wedding coordinators! It is their job to anticipate the wedding day issues, make time to solve them, and make sure you never know about them! Hire a good wedding planner and listen to their expertise!


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Don’t forget about the details.


You might not think that the details are important. But really, they set the tone for the wedding day. Details are what takes a regular wedding to luxurious. Make time in your timeline for your photographer to photograph the sweet details like your grandmas handkerchief or your “something blue”. One day your grandkids will look back on these details and FEEL what it was like at your wedding, rather than just the people who were there!



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