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Should we do a first look on our wedding day?!

A first look is always a topic of conversation when it comes to making your wedding day timeline.

“Should we see each other before the ceremony, or be traditional?!” Well, there are a couple of factors to consider. We’ve gathered a list of questions to ask yourself, and explained why you should do a first look if you are answering “yes”!

First look between a bride and groom at a wedding venue in San Diego California

Do either one of you get nervous and shut down in front of crowds?

If the answer is yes, then a first look may be for you! A first look helps you calm your nerves, with the person that can keep you calm more than anyone- your husband/wife! Getting to experience seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day before you are in front of 200 guests can be so special and intimate, and you will get incredible photos. Bonus: You may even get a BETTER reaction with just you two! If you are nervous in front of crowds, your first look being private can be the perfect situation to let all the emotions come out!

Do you have lots of guests traveling in from out of town?

There are two parts to this: 
1- When you do a first look, it allows us the freedom to get most of your formal photos done before your ceremony. We don’t have to worry about you two seeing each other, so we can knock out family photos, wedding party, and couples portraits! This means that after the ceremony, you can spend so much more time with your friends and family who traveled to see you!

Do you want to be able to hug and kiss when you first see each other?

Again, if you are saying a big “yes!” to this question, a first look is probably for you! One of the downsides to not doing a first look before your wedding ceremony is that you can’t give your partner a big hug, kiss, and twirl to see how good they look from every angle! You have to stand and wait until the ceremony is over, and then you get a quick moment alone, and it’s on to photos. If you want to skip the rush of the day so you can enjoy that sweet moment together, consider a first look!

And last but not least, if you are worried that you won’t get those good reaction photos of you walking down the aisle, think again! If you think for one second that your partner isn’t going to be giddy to see you coming towards them to get married, just because you’ve seen each other before, you are so wrong! Seeing each other before the ceremony doesn’t take away from the excitement that you’ll be MARRIED in just a few minutes!! Check out some of our favorite first look photos from our San Diego weddings!

First look between a bride and groom at a wedding venue in San Diego California
First look between a bride and groom at a wedding venue in San Diego California

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