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Bright And Bold Wedding Floral And Decoration Inspiration

Imagine walking into an event where every color, every petal, and every arrangement came together like a symphony of love. That’s exactly how we felt documenting Holly and Hamed’s big day. Their wedding floral and decoration were exquisite! We’re talking about a harmonious blend of colors, textures, and design elements that beautifully came together, crafting the perfect wedding atmosphere – the kind of stuff that makes your heart skip a beat! 

And here’s the best part: whether you’re dreaming of a timeless and elegant vibe, craving that rustic and bohemian charm, or going all out with a bright and bold color theme, your wedding florals are your secret weapon. They can turn your wedding day into a true reflection of your personality and style. So take notes because this wedding is a picture-perfect example of how to make your big day pop with flowers.

Wedding Floral And Decoration Inspiration: A Summer Berry Splendor

We had the absolute pleasure of capturing the magic at Holly and Hamed’s incredible wedding, held at Hidden Lake Ranch, where the star of the show was Holly’s choice of ‘summer berry’ as her wedding colors! These colors were an absolute showstopper. Imagine summer berries’ bright and bold hues blending seamlessly with delicate shades of green. The result? A jaw-dropping, rich color palette that set the stage for a day to remember.

We felt like stepping into a floral wonderland! Everything was beautifully coordinated – from the bouquets to the centerpieces, ceremony decor, and even the bride’s reception headpiece flower crown. Holly’s bouquet was like a burst of joy, featuring deep purple, pink, and orange flowers with a sprinkle of white, magenta, and fuschia. Talk about stunning, right? The bridesmaids had mini versions of the bridal bouquet, each with a beautiful mix of textures and colors, and it was too cute! The ceremony decor echoed the same theme, a riot of colors and vibrant blooms that had us all in awe. 

Yes, the ceremony was gorgeous, but the reception? It took our breath away! From the napkins to the menus, seating chart, and even the cake florals, everything was on point following the ‘summer berry’ color scheme that added an extra dose of elegance to the whole event. And Holly’s reception flower crown was the perfect touch to her bridal look, giving her a bohemian and natural vibe.

The tables were a work of art, decked with lush floral arrangements and twinkling candles. The centerpieces were like a flower lover’s dream come true – roses, peonies, and fuchsia orchids (to name a few) in a mesmerizing array of pinks, purples, and reds. Even the seating chart, set on an elegant stand, gave the whole reception a charming, down-to-earth feel. Oh, let’s not forget about the pièce de résistance – the cake! The floral arrangements on that cake took its elegant and classic design to a whole new level, infusing it with a sense of luxury and sophistication. Every detail was like something out of a wedding magazine, and we loved every moment of capturing it! 

Celebrate Love With The Copper Collective 

Your wedding florals are the magic touch that turns your day into a dream. Get inspired from Holly and Hamed’s day of vibrant paradise! Remember, be bold with colors, mix textures, and let your personality shine. We’ll capture the magic that’ll stay in your heart forever. Happy planning!

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Lead Photographer: Jessica Van

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