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Things to Bring on Your Wedding Day

What do you need to bring on the wedding day?


This list can quickly get out of hand. I mean, couldn’t you use a little of everything on such a special day?! Well these are the things we recommend bringing that you might not have thought of!


Crochet hook– Does your dress have buttons on the back?! This little tool will help you get them done quickly!

Bride getting into dress

Necessities- Bobby pins, eye drops, deodorant, safety pins, oil blotting pads, needle and thread, Tide pen, anything that you may need to save the day!

A good bottle of champagne- Need we say more? Get ready with a glass of bubbles!

Water and snacks- Sounds obvious, right? But you don’t want to be hungry or thirsty while getting ready!

Shoe inserts- Make sure you don’t sink into the grass by bringing heel stops for the bottom of your heels!

Reception shoes- There’s nothing worse than not being able to walk into your reception because your feet hurt. Grab a stylish pair of comfortable shoes to dance the night away in!

Care package for your partner- Don’t forget about them! They may not think about it, but you know they would light up if they walked into their room and found their favorite cocktail ingredients and snacks waiting for them!

Bluetooth Speaker- Get ready with your favorite jams!

Light Jacket- Who knows what the weather will do?! Find a cute jacket to bring so that you can enjoy being outside, not freezing!

The best wedding party- Let’s be honest, who are you without that great group of friends standing next to you?!

Nice hanger- Whether you are in a suit or a wedding gown, a good hanger to use for photos takes them to the next level!

Wedding Planner- Your day should be stress-free, and you shouldn’t be worried about the details like getting the candles lit! Hire a professional to make sure everything is perfect on your wedding day!

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