January 8, 2013

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Rebecca and Jayant’s Multicultural Estancia Wedding


There are so many reasons that was super excited about this wedding but the first was that Rebecca and Jayant are just such incredible people. Jayant is a brain surgeon which just blows my mind, no pun intended, and on his days off you can find him down on the dock playing sax and collecting change. Rebecca on top of being an amazing nurse is one of the most considerate, kind and caring individuals I think I have ever met. When you meet the two of them it is really an incredible treat.

The next thing that made me know for sure that is was going to be an outstanding wedding is that they hired the amazing, Heather from Amorology to design and coordinate the event. Then on top of that they selected the Estancia for a location. I was in heaven!

Venue: Estancia

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