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Balboa Park Wedding – Rania and Greg

We had such an incredible time at Rania and Greg’s wedding this last weekend! They had their ceremony at the Saint Francis Chapel, which is beautiful gem that is tucked away at Balboa Park. Then they had their reception at the Prado, which is also located in Balboa. The day was absolutely perfect and everyone was so excited to celebrate these two amazing people!

We knew their wedding was going to be a blast because we had already had a great time with them at their engagement session in Santa Monica! The way they light each other up is so special! How can you not love a wedding when the whole wedding party is willing to run down the main street in front of a ton of people, and then dance to the awesome jazz music that was filling the air!

We can’t wait to get the rest of the images ready, but until then, please enjoy this little sneak peak!

Balboa_Park_Wedding 001Balboa_Park_Wedding 002Balboa_Park_Wedding 003Balboa_Park_Wedding 004Balboa_Park_Wedding 005Balboa_Park_Wedding 006Balboa_Park_Wedding 007Balboa_Park_Wedding 008Balboa_Park_Wedding 009Balboa_Park_Wedding 010Balboa_Park_Wedding 011Balboa_Park_Wedding 012Balboa_Park_Wedding 013Balboa_Park_Wedding 014Balboa_Park_Wedding 015


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