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Switching from Canon to Sony | Sara France

Switching from Canon to Sony

Today I thought I would talk about a few features that convinced me to switch from Canon to Sony! I’ve been a long time Canon user. And by long time, I mean over ten years! I always loved their products, but Sony has added new features that are unbeatable. These features can be found in the a7rII, a7rIII, and a9. I know switching your from Canon to Sony can be expensive, scary and a learning curve. But the new additions to Sony cameras, in my opinion, are totally worth the switch!
  1. Electronic Viewfinder- This might be the most advanced, and newest addition to the industry. I have always used Canon and after moving to a new location, finding my lighting meant taking a photo and then looking at the screen to see what I needed to adjust, fixing my settings, and then repeating until I was happy with the photo. Now, with the electronic viewfinder I don’t need to look at the back of my camera anymore to check my exposure! I see what I am shooting while I am shooting, while I am taking a picture, and never have to check the screen. This means I will never miss a shot for exposure!  My weddings are dead on!  Not only does this save me time during my shoots, we save time on editing because the photos are so consistent!
  2. Sizing and weight- Arthritis runs in my family. That, combined with the heavy equipment wedding photographers carry around, is not a good mix. The Sony a7r2 is 33% lighter compared to the Canon Mark III! But they didn’t stop there. The battery life on the new a9 and a7r3 is phenomenal, and the batteries are still light and small! This means less weight for me to be carrying, and every little bit counts! I also love the way it feels in my hands, so easy to use.
  3. Tilt screen- Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to be just a little taller to  get that perfect shot and see through your viewfinder? Every bride loves the angle of being shot from above and I love to be able to do that with the tilt screen and still nail that focus because I can see what I am shooting! In the case of the image below I wanted to catch their intimacy from a different angle and the flexible screen made that possible with tack sharp focus.

Sony has provided new upgrades that help me and my team be more creative, have more options while shooting, and cater to our needs as professional photographers!!

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