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Business Branding Photos | Wick Me Away

Business branding session with Wick Me Away

Have you heard about our business branding photography?! If not, you need to check out the amazing packages we have ASAP. We created these for business owners who need help showcasing their beautiful products or services to help attract their ideal clients! Capturing the behind the scenes, and creating content for social media is difficult for small businesses, which is why we want to help!

Wick Me Away┬áis located in Liberty Station Public Market, and is owned by a sweet friend of ours, Courtney! This fellow boss babe is incredible at juggling ALL the things. She is a wife, mom, and kills it at owning her own business. Now, you might be thinking she sells candles. But, her story and product is SO much more than that! Instead of your typical scents, her candles have scents that are reminiscent of the locations they are named after. I’ll let that soak in for a second. Yep, you can purchase a candle that reminds you of your favorite places around the world!!

We love these candles because they are so adorable, but also because of our love for adventure. We love traveling and exploring new places, and when get back home, we are SUPER excited about being taken back to those spots through a simple scent! When we started to talk with Courtney about branding sessions, it just so happened I was heading to Ireland for a vacation, and she had a ‘Cliffs of Mohr’ candle!! It was a crazy coincidence and made for incredible photos of her candles, at the actual location! And as expected, right when I got back from my trip, I burned the candle all day just to remember our time there!


Check out Courney’s work here, and make sure to follow her on Instagram to see all the latest inventory!

business branding photographer
business branding photographer
business branding photographer

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