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How do I plan my proposal!? | San Diego Wedding Photographers

Are you wondering where to start planning your proposal?!


You’ve been together for years, and you both know you are ready for the next step- MARRIAGE! Well, for your partner it can be as simple as waiting. But for you, you’ve got some planning to do! Here are our five steps to planning the perfect proposal!

Step one: Will you propose publicly or at an intimate location? Whether or not you will invite your families to participate is a big decision. But there is no wrong way to do this! Whatever you are most comfortable with is going to be best for you! 

San Diego Beach Proposal Downtown austin park surprise proposal



Step two: Location! Find a spot that is special to the two of you. Maybe it’s where you had your first date, maybe it’s on vacation with an incredible view. Either way, make it epic!


Lake Travis surprise wedding proposal


Step three: Get ready to celebrate, and hire a photographer to capture these special memories! This is such an extraordinary moment for the both of you, don’t forget to have the photos to share with everyone. After your partner says “yes!” to forever, we will take you aside to capture a few engagement photos to announce your engagement! Our proposal package also includes SAME DAY photo delivery! That means we will leave and get straight to uploading, editing, and texting you photos ASAP.


Step four: Think of all those little details! Oh you know, the nice chocolates, pretty ring box, and even a good bottle of champagne! Make it special and think of their favorite things so you can really take your proposal to the next level.


Step five: Enjoy your fiance! And let us do the rest! Next is going to be wedding planning and it’s going to be the best adventure ever!

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