August 22, 2018

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Dogs in San Diego Weddings

It’s no secret, we are dog people around here.

100% dogs. All of us. We love our pups, your pups, everyones pups! And adding them in your wedding?! Yes please! If you’re a dog owner you understand the big role they play in our lives. They are a part of the family and we think incorporating them into your big day is so special!

How to Incorporate Dogs in Your Wedding

The easiest way to incorporate your dog into your wedding is by including them in some of your portraits. If your dog can be a little hyper or go stir crazy from being cooped up at the venue all day, having them just come during your couple’s portraits is the perfect plan! We can get some pictures of you with them that you will cherish forever!


Your dog can also be your flower girl or ring bearer in your ceremony. Your guests will think it is the cutest (or funniest) thing when they walk down the aisle. It’s also so cute to see what they do during the ceremony. Walking around, lounge around in the sun, or maybe you have them sitting into a wagon! Either way, it’s gonna be great!



If you are worried about the heat, or your dog behaving, don’t write them off! Include them in getting ready! You will still get the adorable photos of you spending time together, while not stressing about them running wild for the day!


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