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Vendor Spotlight: Thomas Lewis Weddings

Q. What is the name of your business and what do you offer?
A. Weddings by Thomas Lewis; Planning, Design and Full-Service Coordination Services

Q. What is your service area? Do you travel?
A. San Diego, but will and have traveled as needed :)

Q. Tell us a little about how you got into the wedding industry…
A. In 2011 I started helping some close girlfriends plan and design their weddings. This was either before or at the beginning of the big Pinterest boom, so my creativity was put to the test with helping them in aspects of decor and themes WITHOUT a database of ideas and pins. It was really fun, exciting and I felt GOOD at it, so I continued to help those close to me and then gained a few referrals out of it to continue growth.

I was later recruited by a rental company which gave me a strong foundation for logistics and design on a larger scale. Which I found out I really LOVED.

From there I was encouraged to offer Coordination services to the couples I met through rentals. It was a great time of growth for me to have a background outside of basic design. I was taught how to put an event together, from start to finish and see the fruits of my labor!

Q. How would you describe your “ideal client”? What kind of bride or groom fits into the services you offer?
A. My ideal client would be someone who understands the purpose for which I am there to guide and serve them. I often tell my clients that part of my objective as a coordinator is to know them well enough to make decisions, as if it were them on their wedding day.

My most satisfied clients have always reminded me that I gained their trust and respect by expressing that I wanted to get to know them, understand their goals and vision for their day and that I would do my best to help them achieve it.


Q. What do you love about your job the most?
A. Hmm.. Thats a tough one! I think my favorite moment(s) are a combination of seeing the Couple in their Formal attire for the first time and the excitement that comes right before the Ceremony. I always love to watch parents greet guests, grandparents trickle in, and mixed groups of friends and family chatter with excitement for whats about to begin.

Whats incredible for me as an individual to experience is knowing what I have been able to help this group, this family really ENJOY their day. It’s a union and celebration for them and I’m happy to have taken on and alleviated any stress the day-of might bring!

Q. Tell us three wedding trends you LOVE right now?
A. Handwritten Signage on Mixed Media ( Metals, Objects, Walls, Leaves! You name it!)

Late Night Snacks- Still waiting for a couple of mine to have an In-N-Out truck! :)

Gold. Gold. Gold. Paint all the things Gold! Its been a thing for a while, but i am SO not over this one yet.

Q. Whats your favorite wedding tradition?
A. I love items that are passed down from generation to generation! One of my favorites was a cake topper used for 4 generations in this family! That was the most perfect touch!
Q. Whats one of most unique aspects of a wedding you’ve seen while on the job? (ie. a detail, vows, animals in the wedding, funny or emotional dances etc.)
A. Oh man, In the past year I’ve had everything from a Groom in a Kilt to Guest Tables named after Heavy Metal Bands… a very handsome Golden Retriever with a Bow Tie as a Ring Bearer!

I think my most favorite was when a Groom prepared a surprise Acoustic song for his new Bride! Its tender things like that that TOTALLY get me!

Q. Why do you enjoy working with the France Photographers team?
A. Its great to work with a team who really understands the objective of what they are there to do! FP captures not just images, but MOMENTS leaving nothing at chance to get the perfect shot.

Its incredible to see their creativity and talent completely blossom on a wedding day!


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