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Wedding Florals for Elegant Weddings | Featuring Carla Kayes

Wedding flowers, what’s the big deal?

Well, as wedding photographers, we’ve seen, first hand, what a great florist can do for your wedding! Florals can dress up your event, brighten the day, and even add character to your venue! Not to mention, they are a great pop of color against your white dress. Now, we could talk all day about our favorite bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony arches, and why it’s so important to have a good florist on your side. But instead, we are going to show you!

Shoutout to Carla Kayes for inspiring this blog post! She is a phenomenal florist that takes a wedding to a new level with her work. We are so fortunate to work hand in hand with her at gorgeous events!


Pop of color

San Francisco City Hall is where our very own Rachel got married last month! It’s a favorite when it comes to portrait locations, for obvious reasons. But one thing we love about it is how bright, and golden it is! Add in a great bouquet, and you get the bright, golden light, but also a pop of color! We love what Carla Kayes designed for our sweet Rachel at her San Francisco City Hall wedding!

Carla Kayles Wedding Florals

Reception and Ceremony

Your ceremony and reception are the main scene for your wedding day. Your ceremony photos are the ones you will cherish forever as you look back on your marriage to your partner. Adding florals to your ceremony site adds character and a personal touch! We always recommend talking with your partner and coming up with fun, unique ways to show off your personality. Carla coordinating with the couple to produce these amazing arrangements! They wanted to add some spice to the ceremony site, so they added in hops!!

When it comes to your reception, what better way to set the party scene then beautiful tables?! It doesn’t take much to make a reception hall elegant, yet ready for a good party! This Twin Oaks Wedding¬†was a great example of how to take your wedding up a notch with florals!


Carla Kayles Wedding Florals
Carla Kayles Wedding Florals


Work of art

When choosing your florist, it’s important to make sure your styles align. They are artists, creative minds, and business owners. Everyone has their own style, quirks and preferences. Carla Kayes does an extraordinary job of not only delivering a beautiful bouquet, but a piece of art. Something that is a statement, but never out shines the bride. The asymmetrical greenery adds for a pop of color and texture, but can also blend into the background.

For your bridesmaids, she makes sure that they have something they are proud to hold and show off! This makes those bridesmaid photos stand out and look amazing! She also makes each bouquet unique, because again, this is a work of art!

Carla Kayles Wedding Florals
Carla Kayles Wedding Florals

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