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Temecula Creek Inn- Jennifer and Joe

Jennifer and Joe had one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever been a part of at the Temecula Creek Inn! We couldn’t get over all the beautiful soft pastel colors and the amazing details! Jennifer really poured her heart into this wedding and her vendors were right there backing her up with their expertise!

Even though the clouds were threatening to bring some rain down on us that day they stayed at bay and made for a beautiful ceremony and a super fun reception! Congratulations Jennifer and Joe! We can’t wait to send you the rest of the images!


Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 001Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 002Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 003Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 004Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 005Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 006Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 007Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 008Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 009Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 010Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 011Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 012Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 013Temecula_Creek_Inn_Wedding 014



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