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Stacey and Brandt’s Del Mar Racetrack Wedding!


Stacey and Brandt’s wedding was such a treat to be a part of! Not only are they a sweet, laid-back couple who are open to all our crazy ideas to get the shot (like running in the rain!). But! They chose a totally unique wedding venue on a gorgeously rainy day. The Del Mar Racetrack is an awesome wedding venue!

Let me tell you, rain is not the end of the world on your wedding day. As Southern California photographers, we rarely get the chance to shoot in the rain, so puddles and stormy clouds totally awaken our uber artistic sides. We had a blast with Stacey and Brandt!

This wedding is also special to us because these lovebirds were referred to us by one of our past wedding clients. We shot Laura’s wedding last year at the Bernardo Winery and we’re also shooting her sister’s wedding next year! Its so special for us to get to see our clients again and again and feel like a part of their families.

Congratulations to Stacey and Brandt on their marriage!

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