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Leena and Thomas – Balboa Park Wedding


Balboa Park Wedding Pictures20140628_0060

Leena and Tom had a beautiful cultural wedding at the Botanical Gardens in Balboa Park. They both looked stunning in their traditional clothing, and everyone in the wedding dressed up as well. Tom is a bicyclist so the Bharat was especially exciting with multiple bikes that had been decorated. They rode, danced, and paraded down the center of Balboa Park towards the ceremony site that was in front of the Botanical Gardens.

After the ceremony we took a pedi cab around Balboa for some amazing photo opportunities. They had their reception at the Natural History Museum with a huge Shark and a dinosaur looking in on all the fun!

Venue : Balboa Park 

Hair Stylist: Fox and Jane Salon

Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Root

Event Coordinator: Ofe Brown

Florist: Raphaels Florist

Officiant: Dharmasetu Das

Caterer: Royal India

Musician/DJ: Bateaux

Cake Artist: Twiggs



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