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Say “Aloha” to France Photographers Hawaii!!

 France Photographer’s BIG announcement!

France Photographers originated in San Diego, then grew with the addition of our Austin, Tx studio. From day one we knew the sky was the limit in terms of how many locations we could have. Because lets be real – busy-savvy, creative, kind & incredible women can be found in EVERY city to join our team. Our eyes are always peeled for ways to grow our business, reach more clients, and find the most beautiful wedding locations around the world. That being said, we are beyond thrilled to announce that Rachel Jay will be expanding France Photographers to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands! What?!

Hawaii wedding photographer

Its a BIG transition for us, as it was Rachel who completed the studio in San Diego as a team of three with Sara & Jessica. But we are SO EXCITED about this new chapter in Rachel’s life as a married woman, and know that team FP will be well represented in Hawaii. For our vendor-friends, old clients and new clients – we know you have a TON of questions for what this will look like. And we’re here to answer them ALL.

Hawaii wedding photographer

Q: Is Rachel still a France Photographer?

A: YES! France Photographers is a family and Rachel is starting a whole new exciting chapter for our busienss in paradise! (We will be visiting there A LOT. You know, for business trips…)

Q: Is she still shooting weddings in San Diego?

A: HECK YES! Rachel will be traveling back and forth to San Diego to continue shooting weddings and portraits for her favorite vendors and clients.

Q: Are you going to replace her in San Diego with a new photographer?

A: We are always open to the right photographer when they cross our path, but for now Sara & Jessica will be holding down the fort in San Diego while Rachel travels back and forth.

Q: If I usually refer Rachel, who should I refer now?

A: Don’t be afraid to reach out to Rachel for your events and portraits! (all her contact info will remain the same). If she isn’t planning a trip back to California for the date you need, she’ll put you in touch with Sara & Jess!

Q: Where in Hawaii is she moving?

A: Oahu, near Pearl Harbor!

Q: What kind of jobs will she be shooting there?

A: Rachel has a thing for intimate weddings (have you seen her wedding photos by Sara & Jess – we die!). So she’s hoping to fill her schedule with gorgeous elopements. However, team FP-Hawaii will be booking full weddings & portraits on the islands as well. Rachel will also be getting to know her island community by offering our newest business branding sessions. (If you have a business and are in need of photos for your social media, website and marketing – inquire with us in all of our locations. We will hook you up!)

Q: Will Rachel ever live in San Diego again?

A: Only Uncle Sam knows that! Rachel’s husband is in the Navy, so they’ll be spending the next 15+ years hopping around to amazing places and starting new France Photographers along the way. Perhaps there will be teams in Chicago, Virginia, or Italy one day?! Our fingers are crossed really hard for ITALY!


Hawaii wedding photographer

 Another France Photographers location is a dream come true for us all! While weddings and events are our specialty, the team is about so much more than what we do. France Photographers was created as a platform to empower women to do business together, making room for the lives we want to live and families we want to have. Team work really does make the dream work and this is just the beginning for team FP!

Aloha!Hawaii wedding photographer

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