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Proposal at Sunset Cliffs San Diego

When my cousin Todd had asked me if I would join him and his girlfriend at Sunset Cliffs this weekend to document his proposal, my answer was a resounding, YES!!

Shooting proposals has quickly become one of my favorite things of all time! Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to be a fly on the wall? To feel like you are totally invisible but still able to witness the true and sincere reactions of people? That’s exactly what it’s like when I’m photographing this special event in people’s lives.

I was so nervous when the time finally came because the spot we had originally talked about had absolutely no parking! So in an attempt to not blow up his phone in fear that his girlfriend may see my text, my boyfriend and I made due with the off street parking that we had and waited in the car. I through his sweater over my fire red hair so Brianna wouldn’t recognize me if she happened to pass by our car.

As soon as we saw them pass, butterflies erupted in my stomach! This was it!! Their lives were about to change forever, and I couldn’t wait to document it. So I hopped out of the car in the hoodie, and like a ninja, made my way down the cliffs on the opposite side of where they sat….and waited for Todd to make his move.



It was such a beautiful sunset, and I could only imagine what they were saying to each other at that moment.

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She said YES!!!


Todd is a guy with some serious style…look at that ring!!

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Welcome to the Jessica Van family you two! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding day next March!!

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